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Private Gestures

Michael Cumiskey

Malcolm lives with his two sons, Harry and Jason.

He was invited to attend Mary's funeral up North. His decision to go, was more for hopefully meeting his ex-wife Julie. Mary had been a great friend for both and was a supporter for them in their difficult needs. So, of course, Julie would attend the funeral, right? Would Malcolm get a chance to talk to her? Maybe patch things up with Julie?

When he reaches North, he stays with his brother, Tom and his wife Moira, with their daughters. 
Things turn out to be quite different. For Malcolm, the visit leaves him with much to consider and to evaluate his life.

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Michael Cumiskey was born in Stockton-on-Tees to parents both from immigrant stock – his mother's family originating from southern Italy and his father's from County Cork in Ireland.


He is a graduate of Middlesbrough College of Art and Design and in the past worked as the Resident Artist with the Skelmersdale New Town Development Corporation.


Currently, he lives in North Devon with his wife, Sue. Their three children have now left home and live in other parts of the country.