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If Only...!

D. Austin Wilson

"The moment you walked into our bedroom and saw me in his arms, our eyes met. I saw the look of disbelief and pain on your face and could only imagine the plethora of thoughts rushing through your mind."


A happy married life dissolves in one afternoon as Paul walks away and doesn't return.


One day, he is confronted with evidence that gives an innocent explanation to that heart-breaking scene and Paul is determined to find his wife and seek her forgiveness. He manages to track Sally down in Australia where she now lives, and both discover their love for each other is as strong as ever.


But six years and five months have gone by since that fateful afternoon and they feel compelled to give each other an account of those lost years. They reflect on the paths they have travelled down; paths that evoke painful memories of poignant, traumatic years that have plagued them both and had them often wondering: If only...!


But sometimes the past has a habit of catching up with the present, as Paul and Sally discover. It creates a dilemma that has to be dealt with, the outcome of which could affect their lives for ever.

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David was born in 1936.


His father was killed in France in 1940, the early stages of the war. He was evacuated at the age of four, returning home almost six years later. He joined the Merchant Navy at sixteen, emigrated from England to New Zealand at seventeen and was recruited into the NZ Army at eighteen. He married at twenty-one and helped raise three children.


He arrived back in the UK in 1994. Two years later, at the age of sixty, he started a Tour Boat business on the Brighton Marina. Ten years later he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, sold his business and retired the following year.


In 2009, at the age of seventy-three he walked around England for Cancer Research UK and the ACRF (Australian Cancer Research Federation).


His first Book The Big Walk, was a day-to-day account of the above walk and was published in 2012. In 2014 he wrote The Mud Pack, his first fiction novel. A year later he completed his third book, If Only...!; a compelling romantic work.