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Hugo's Gift

Suzanne Singleton

It is a 1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, a perfection of craftsmanship and engineering; a birthday gift to Isabel Kane from her husband, Hugo. Isabel appears to have it all. She is beautiful, with a loving husband who is successful in business, children, a lovely home and no financial worries.


That is until the car accident and in an instant her life is changed. She believes the family is cursed because of that car and family tragedies do seem to indicate she is correct. She herself succumbs to mental problems and her life becomes restricted, bitter and friendless.


Despite her demands that the car is destroyed, Hugo, unable to destroy such a perfect machine, hides it away. It is lovingly looked after by his loyal employee, Stanley Connelly, husband of Harriet, who is Hugo's housekeeper.


As time moves on the curse still seems to linger, but is there a way in which it can be lifted and the car once more be loved as a family treasure?

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Suzanne Singleton is a New Zealand writer and the author of three previous publications. A collection of short stories, The Promise, published in 2012, a novel The Koneke, 2013 and a children's picture book Boundary Flat Flounders, in 2014. Hugo's Gift is her second novel.


Singleton has a career background in psychology and education and has worked in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


She resides on the Hibiscus Coast, forty-five minutes north of Auckland, where she is currently working on her third novel.