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Fit For Purpose

Julian D. Parrott

Former soldier, Tom, and skilled actress, Nia, are forty-somethings, both emotionally bruised by their differing life experiences. They don't realise how lost and lonely they are until they accidently meet in a first-class cabin of a transatlantic flight and are immediately and irresistibly drawn to the other. They embark on a relationship, bouncing between Nia's bohemian life in London and Tom's tranquil existence on a narrowboat traversing the stunning Llangollen canal. Their love burns with a depth and intensity that surprises Tom and frightens Nia. Just as their lives appear to meld, the relationship - and their very lives - are put in jeopardy when Tom's past unwittingly pulls them into a Russian plot to hunt down and assassinate Kremlin opponents. A Russian hit squad has begun operating in the UK and Tom and Nia find themselves fighting for survival, pitted against a ruthless Russian colonel hell-bent on revenge.

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Julian D. Parrott was born and raised in Wrexham, Wales. He attended Manchester University and the University of Illinois. He lives in Urbana, Illinois with his wife and, on occasion, can be found travelling the canals of England and Wales.