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The Faces

A A Khan


Yes, you.

You know exactly how it feels, don't you?

You're going through the same things I am.


At Cambridge University, we follow the adventures of Elio Husseini who wakes up to strange goings on at night, while dealing with his tumultuous teenage years. In FantaBridge - Fantasy Cambridge - darkness is home to the spectres and phantoms of Cambridge's finest fellows, past and present, who roam the streets. When the 700th anniversary party is disrupted, and an evil plot by power-hungry people to turn the university upside down and cause havoc is discovered, Elio must race against time to save his world from ruin.

Elio is faced with two troublesome questions:
1) What if your future depended on the extraordinary happenings in one single strange night in another world, another dimension far away?
2) And do you listen to the little voice in your head that says, Let's go find trouble?

Elio decides he can and will do whatever it takes. A raging battle ensues which changes him forever...


Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Abdullah Khan was born and raised in London and currently studies architecture at the University of Cambridge. His first writings were his journals, capturing and chronicling his most extraordinary teenage moments. This is his first novel. His friends, family and his location remain his biggest inspirations, while in literature, J.K. Rowling, P.G. Wodehouse, Richard C Morais and Chbosky's The Perks of being a Wallflower have influenced his writing. He describes himself as a wild creative, travelling widely and sketching madly. The illustrations are all his own work. In his personal life, he identifies with having a disability, LGBT and BAME, all of which remain issues close to his heart and make an appearance in his work.

He is available on Instagram @aak99xx