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Poetic Rapture

J. L. Thomas

Poetic Rapture divulges to us a secret dominant on a quest to find the perfect submissive. It is at the première of his movie where Darius sees such a woman, and within the moments that follow something powerfully magnetic shifts within the air between them.
Helena had only wanted a glimpse of the movie star but when she realised he was looking straight at her, she couldn't stop her heart racing and she found herself falling under his spell and into his arms.
One thing quickly led to another and the two lovers vowed to be together forever.
But Helena had misgivings and when she discovered a dark secret Darius held, she knew she couldn't hold it together any longer.
Then her first love unexpectedly turned up and Darius was wracked with jealousy. Could they forgive each other?
A romantic, erotic tale which will leave you breathless.

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My name is J. L. Thomas and as a young child, I was an avid lover of the written word. Now that I am all grown up, I still find words truly intriguing and wholly inspiring. I spend most of my days in my precious writing cave and along with my muse (who, I must add, is relentless in her task to get me to stop surfing Pinterest for more photographic inspiration!) we create romantic/erotic stories and along the way, we breathe precious life into what we feel are some rather enchanting characters... Ones that we hope will capture the reader's imagination, transport them into the beating-heart of the story and remain buried deep within their souls forever.


The Gentle Dominant reviewed by The Lifestyle Blogger UK