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Yvonne Pat Wright

Yvonne Pat Wright, born in Kingston, Jamaica has spent equal number of years living alternatively in Jamaica and the United Kingdom. She's won the hearts of daughters, grandsons and nieces and several 'adopteds' with her hearty home cooked meals, delicately spiced and served up with healthy doses of the value of Christian living. She is particularly pleased to have been 'mother' to a very famous singing family.She has worked in real estate, and in various positions in Advertising, Radio and Television, on and off air. A devout Christian, her life in church has seen her publishing a church magazine, writing bible lesson studies, and most recently, training as a Lay Preacher. She utilizes this skill crafting sermons delivered to congregations close to her home in Milton Keynes,


  • From Spice To Eternity


    What does life have to throw at you to wake you up. Spices and herbs does it for recipes, but in life, the answer is much more elusive. An intriguing journey with Yvonne Pat Wright into her life of heartbreak, disappointment and despair and how she found her way to fullfilment and purpose through a love she never thought she would find.From Spice to Eternity is a compilation of inspirational stories drawn from personal life encounters while livi...

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