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Stephanie Dougan

Stephanie Dougan was born in America and later raised in Scotland. She insists that her heart lies somewhere between the two.
After studying everything from martial arts to reiki, from acting to nutrition, she finally found comfort in being a writer.
Stephanie's inspiration for The Luminous Illusion came from the progressive people of planet Earth, and from the people who speak out and fight for justice.
When she's not scribbling away in a notepad, she's either reading or attempting to do yoga. At the age of twenty-two, Stephanie hopes to be able to tell many more stories and maybe even sell a few books in that time. She's hopeful.


  • The Luminous Illusion


    The Organisation. Nobody is too sure what its purpose is, or its final intentions. Anyway, why should Emma worry about it? She has work, food, a place to live and her life is given direction, thanks to the Ruler.

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