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Sheila Judith Anne Ayres

My name is Sheila and I am the daughter of circus and fair ground people. I did not learn to read and write until I was thirty-one years of age. I have four children, fourteen grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren, and now that I am seventy-eight, I am finally getting my book published. I started to write my book in 1983, some twenty-seven years ago. My book has been read by many people. I have even read it to school children and my church club. I also write poetry as a hobby for the church magazine.


  • The Hop Pickers Children


    In the years just before the war, Sheila and her family went away each year on what was known as a poor man's holiday. It was a working holiday for her parents, hop picking to earn some extra money, but also an opportunity to meet up with relatives.

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