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Sharron M Johnson

My name is Sharron Manuella Johnson, I am married to a wonderful man who is also my best friend and I have four fabulous children and a new grandchild. We live in the mountains of Wales and look after our own forest so nature is close to my heart. My fascination with the dodo comes from my parents who were both born in Mauritius and they emigrated to England in the 1960's. I was born in London. I love the environment and have always been creative. The pandemic gave me the opportunity to be more imaginative in writing and painting. So, all three came together nicely in the making of this book. I am very pleased with my book and hope you enjoy it and encourage others to think about their environment and creatures, or maybe conservation projects needed around the world. I have many more stories in my head and I hope to share them with you to enjoy. Be good and kind is my motto.


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