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Rob Silverstone

Rob Silverstone spent many years cooking in Oxford, Copenhagen and Nice. A keen interest in healthy eating led to collaboration with the eminent French chef Michel Guerard, author of 'Cuisine Minceur'. In 1994 he opened 'The Cook and Fiddle' on Brighton seafront, using fish from the fishermen, local cheeses and Cuckmere Valley wine. The abundance of Normandy markets tempted him to try a restaurant in Rouen. The gothic architecture of the old quarter inspired a passion for black and white photography. His pictures have been exhibited in Brighton and at 'Photofolies' in the Loire.

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  • A Mule In Rouen


    Follow the trail of our good mule as he discovers the town of Rouen. A place of Gothic splendour and cobbled streets, unchanged through the passage of time. Discover Normandy as the cradle of Impressionist art, home to Maupassant and Madame Bovary.

  • A Mule Across The Water


    Follow the old Mule as he continues his journey into hidden corners of Sussex and Upper Normandy. Land and sky turned upside down at the shrine to Indian soldiers; saucepans are bubbling in a château kitchen to the sound of hungry geese.

  • A Mule In Brighton - A Taste of The Downs


    Follow the good mule as he wends his way through the Laines of Brighton. Watch the masquerade unfolding down St. James' Street, unearth the unexpected at Festival time, and float among the clouds in a library of dreams.

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