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Rick Joyce

Rick Joyce has a passion for writing and works with his local schools to encourage children in year seven and upwards to enjoy reading and writing. His books cover non-fiction (Construction Project Management) published under his real name, and under his pen name of Rick Joyce he has written Louis' Revenge, loosely based on a true story about his own horse. He is now concentrating on children's fiction and plans to write three or four books each year.


  • Nelson's Travels


    Imagine that you are adopted by a one-eyed cat and that you just happen to be on board a ship that is about to set sail for faraway lands. Then you really don't have any option other than to call him Nelson, do you?

  • Louis' Revenge


    When Jack, a Hackney horse, is born into a family that cannot afford him, it is the start of an adventure which both shocks and delights as we follow the little horse's journey through life.

  • The Adventures of Bo Jangles


    Bo-Jangles has kind owners in Marie and her parents. She is comfortable on her own in her garden during the day, but sometimes it does get a little lonely and boring. She dreams of finding company, a friend she can while away the hours with.

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