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Richard Gerber

Richard Gerber has spent nearly as much of his adult life studying as working, in fields as diverse as computer programming and knowledge management. His first written work was an engineering text book titled New Connections, published by the University of Cape Town Press.

In 1987, he and his wife moved to Switzerland, where first hand experiences in the Swiss-German culture inspired this novel. Widely travelled and an avid adventurer, he loves to bungie jump and has a keen interest in 60's rock. Despite degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering, as well as an MBA, he made the transition to creative writing and published his first novel Summers Past on Amazon Kindle.

Richard Gerber lives in Berne Switzerland but loves to holiday in Cape Town.


  • The Third Testament


    Phil Bret had left Switzerland in a hurry years ago, when he was in danger after becoming involved in a conspiracy called the M-Initiative within the Swiss Intelligence Agency. He had returned to South Africa, where he had a semblance of a normal life with his wife, Kate.

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