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René Chalem

Born in Cairo, René Chalem abandoned Egypt for Paris just before the advent of Nasser.

After a few years in France, he left for Latin America where he settled for many years. At forty, driven by the threat of his children's abduction in a country caught up in a kidnapping frenzy and his sudden need for a different life, he returned to Paris - a city to which he felt attached as to a first love - where he started a publishing concern.

He writes both in English and French, sometimes in Spanish.
He currently divides his time between Paris and Barcelona, a city of many colors he rediscovered some twenty years ago.


  • And Times Come and Go


    Five stories: Walking through the streets of Paris, sipping at a glass of Chablis at the terrace of a café, dining in a small neighborhood restaurant, listening to the lively conversations of the other guests, men look back at their past.

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