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Milana-Sophia Challenger

Milana-Sophia Challenger is 8 ¾ years old and was born in Qatar, a beautiful peninsular in the middle of the Persian Gulf. She goes to school at the EPFG in Switzerland, which is (and this is of course completely unbiased) the best school in the universe! She lives with Mum, Dad, Little Ben who is rapidly turning into Big Ben, and George the cat.
The premise of this book is based on her having lived in the desert for five years. A dazzling sandy adventure story that simply HAD to be written!
This is Milana's first novel but there will most definitely be many more to follow!


  • The Enchanted Oasis


    Step into the magical world of desert animals, where even the most unlikely friendships can develop when seasoned with a pinch of kindness, a little bit of care, and a dash of love. Sprinkle it all with humour, and you've got yourself a recipe for a most extraordinary adventure!

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