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Michele Hillory

Mother of four grown children and now grandmother to four, Michele estimates she has also helped raise nearly a thousand children throughout her thirty-six-year teaching career. She has taught and/or coached in a variety of positions, in dozens of different schools, in three states in the USA, in New Zealand and in Canberra, Australia. She credits her professional longevity and joy to her sense of humour and her appreciation for the marvellous diversity of young personalities. She currently teaches kindergarten in Canberra, Australia and enjoys sharing her stories with her husband Peter and her extended family.



  • Teach On!


    Teach On! tells the tale of what it is actually like to teach real life kids. The author's slant on teaching is told through her personal journey spanning over three decades. It tackles various aspects of a teacher's life and is punctuated with funny, crazy and downright bizarre anecdotes.

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