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Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton is a retired scientist and businessman, well travelled and educated. With a busy social life he performs three times a year singing in amateur concerts for 'Singing For Fun' and St Mary's Theatre Group. He is also a member of walking and bowling club. A Christian, he wrote The Holy Trible as Jesus Christ - a must read for all Christians. He recently returned from Cuba where he danced and sang with three groups of singers and swam with dolphins and even caught a barracuda big game fishing.


  • But To Own The World


    Jack Buckstone is a lad with a dream. He starts his adventure by lending small amounts of money to his school friends and through wise investment and strong guidance his wealth grows. A meeting with two computer wizards helps him on the road to becoming an incredibly wealthy man.

  • Dicker of Dunking


    Into this, Michael Sutton introduces Inspector Cowley from Yorkshire CID. He takes up the trail from an abandoned body to Wood End, a typical rural community whose characters – homely or wholesome, secretive or self-opinionated

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