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Mia Kazi

I am a mother, dog-lover, teacher, writer and traveller. I spent my twenties enjoying long summer holidays, backpacking round Asia and Africa, and was inspired by countless adventures and near-death experiences. I would stumble my way through term times in London, longing for my next adventure, until I met and married the woman I love and had two beautiful twins and three disobedient, semi-feral dogs, and am always hoping to get one more rescue to add to our home.


  • An Unusual Year


    When flirtatious Jo wonders whether she has lesbian tendencies, she begins a relationship with Izzy, a fellow teacher. Then, Jo moves on to Julia, and agrees to go on a holiday with her to Laos, where she meets Jonno, who isn't what he seems, and he tricks Jo into becoming a drug mule. Leaving Laos in great haste, Jo and Julia are stunned when Jonno appears threateningly at their flat in London, and Jo realises she has to solve not onl...

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