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Martin Kershaw

Martin Kershaw was educated at Bingley Grammar School, Yorkshire, where he formed his own skiffle group. After leaving school, he joined the Del Rio Four, undertaking a summer season at Butlin’s holiday camp, Clacton, Essex.


After the season ended, he joined the Dennis Langfield Band at Burnley, Lancashire. Over the next three years he learned to read music properly. He then moved to London after being invited into the Tony Evans Band on the London Mecca Ballroom circuit.


After a while, he was invited into the studios by all the contractors on the London scene. He went on to play on over 100,000 TV, film, radio, gramophone, and record tracks including 40 UK Number One hits and all 122 Muppet Shows at ATV with the Jack Parnell Orchestra.


He was nicknamed ‘The Guvner’ in 1966 and has remained so ever since. He is now retired and lives in Newbury, Berkshire


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