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Malka López and Owen López

Owen Lopez is a grade schooler in Seattle, Washington, USA. He likes to be with his friends, ride his bike and play legos. Owen does not like getting hurt. It makes him scared and nervous. But, he says there's a king inside his body that covers the red. Now, when he gets hurt he's not so scared or nervous anymore... most of the time.

Malka Lopez works in early childhood education in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Seattle University, she started her work in early childhood education in the Seattle area. Malka wishes to share her son's idea with other boys and girls that might feel nervous or scared when they get hurt. She also hopes that this book might help families understand why children react this way and what parents can do to help their children process those big feelings when they get hurt.


  • The King Inside My Body


    Everyone gets hurt. That's scary. But, did you know everyone has a king or queen inside their body too? It's true! Find out how as The King Inside My Body shows children how scrapes and cuts will not be there forever and how to cope with strong scary feelings when children and loved ones are hurt.

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