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Linda Voller-Krase

Linda Voller-Krase is a retired Texas teacher of thirty-four years, mother of six (and a few strays), and step-mother to two. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA (upper left, lower 48) with her husband, two dogs and a cat.
Besides writing, she also enjoys wood turning, quilting, cooking with her husband, knitting badly, creating stained glass panels, fishing and working in the garden.
She used stories in teaching math and science to help students understand more obscure ideas. It took a while but she finally decided to try writing the stories instead of just letting them float around her head.


  • Oceanus


    Maureen Bishop's family owns Bishop Colonization Conglomerates, the richest and most powerful company on Earth. Pampered with the best of everything money and power can give, she is a spoiled young woman, unappreciative of the life she leads until time strips away all of it.

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