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Karan Vickers-Hulse

Karan has a background in primary school education and has written text books, such as Jumpstart History, as well as a number of articles for educational publishers but never had the time to write this book! The idea for Pip manifested itself during a holiday on the beach in the south of France a number of years ago, when Karan and her friends were discussing what sort of books were available for young readers.

Karan has now made the move to Higher Education and is currently Undergraduate Programme Leader for Initial Teacher Education at the University of the West of England. As well as managing the programme for the students, she also teaches in the English department. Karan lives in Wales with her husband and three young children.


  • Surf School


    After his parents' divorce, Pip is forced to move out of his beloved London and down to the seaside town of Perren Cove with his mum. On his first day he makes friends with Harrie and Dylan, who he happily finds out go to his new school.

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