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Kamakshi Murti

Kamakshi Pappu Murti is a professor of German Studies. When she retired a decade ago, she turned her hand to fictional writing. Murders Most Matronly (2017) introduced Leela and Meena Rao, two elderly South Asian women whose ambition is to emulate Christie's Jane Marple. Murders in the Ivory Tower brings Leela and Meena to the scene of multiple crimes.
Murti has also written children's books, the first of which - Lalli's Window - was published in 2017 by Austin Macauley in Great Britain. Her scholarly writing is devoted to multi-cultural issues, as well as gender studies. Monographs include India: The Seductive and Seduced ‘Other' of German Orientalism (2000) and To Veil or not to Veil: Europe's Shape-shifting ‘Other' (2012). Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Murti's collection of short stories, Bandilanka's Forgotten Lives, is scheduled to be published this year by Leadstart in India.
Murti is presently working on a series about two teens, Yasemin and Nirmala, who navigate peer pressure, social media, and their own physical disabilities.


  • Murders in the Ivory Tower


    Two crime-fighting South-Asian cousins, Leela and Meena Rao are back on the scene of multiple killings in this compelling murder mystery by Kamakshi Murti, author of Murders Most Matronly.

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