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John Martin

John Martin has spent most of his working life in the financial services sector and always had a passion for developing fictional plots and stories. Now, as a retired company director, he has had time to put pen to paper, and bring his stories to life.

John lives in the UK with his wife and two grown-up daughters.


  • Just for ME


    There are those who wish to destroy David Lane’s reputation. Will they succeed in their evil quest or will the enigmatic playboy win the day and take his philanthropic endeavours to even greater heights?

  • It's Party Time For Alfie & Frank


    The mischievous toddler, Alfie, is now back from his adventures in Paris with Frank, his fun-loving teddy. Alfie is approaching his third birthday and a big party is planned when Cyril's wallet mysteriously disappears.

  • The Fun Packed Adventures Of Alfie & Frank


    Following Alfie's mysterious disappearance at Christmas with his one-eyed teddy called Frank in The Magical Tales of Alfie and Frank, they are found safe and well although not without causing a great deal of upset to Matron and her trusted staff.

  • The Magical Tales Of Alfie And Frank


    Alfie is a two-year-old toddler living in Battledown Children's Home with Frank, his one-eyed teddy. One Christmas, they decide to take a break from the rigours of Home life and explore the captivating and mysterious world outside with all the risks this evokes.

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