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John Dawson

Born in a bustling northern ‘wire' town and growing up in nearby villages before retiring into sleepy Cheshire. His interests? Apart from his vocation of Master Builder, have been wild and varied including the construction of working models, preparing and racing a motorcycle, fell, mountain and long-distance footpath walking, restoring and exhibiting classic vehicles and of course, the ladies. His passion for these pursuits are reflected admirably in this his first novel as he directs our heroine on an epic journey through wild mountains, stunning vistas and crashing seascapes by rather quaint and quirky modes of transport.


  • Yr Gobaith: The Dragon's Lair


    With its over the top collection of oddball characters, this tale is uniquely funny, sometimes frightening and even sad but always its pace remains fast and furious right up to its satisfying and feel good ending.

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