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Jenny Vassallo

Jenny was born in London in 1951. Her early childhood spent in Kenya, East Africa, began a lifelong love for the African landscape, culture and wildlife, before returning to England.
In 1983, she moved to the Dartmoor National Park and a fascination with earth energies, ley lines, stone circles and the power of crystals within the landscape, opened a power within her to tune crystalline energy into healing.
In 1993, she gained a BSc (Hons) Degree in Ocean Sciences and Astronomy.
A move to Staffordshire continued her work with earth energies, whilst she studied for a PGCE.
After retirement, she began to explore two lifelong loves - painting and writing, gathering experiences into fascinating stories, paintings and photography.


  • Silver and the White Lions


    Silver is a beautiful, large Maine Coon cat who remembers that in a previous life he was a white lion cub. He lives with several other cats who encourage him to tell them the story of his past life.

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