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Jean M. Akam

Jean M. Akam, the daughter of a librarian, was introduced to books at an early age. Able to read by five years of age, this opened up a visual world of adventure, fantasy and fun.

She has written short stories for adults, had poetry published, plus a story in an anthology about Colchester, where she lives.


  • Simon and The Little Green Man


    When Simon finds himself the victim of his sister's teasing and her boyfriend's bullying, he doesn't know what to do. Tark is a little green man from Mars, who's stranded on Earth after he forgot how to brake during a space expedition. Can they help each other to fix their problems?

  • The Virtual Reality Space Pirates


    It is the year 2051 and four Earth school children are in a science museum (without adult supervision). After a discussion, they decide to enter a door marked 'No Admission to Unauthorised Personnel'.

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