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Jamal Abozaid

Jamal Abozaid is based in London and is an Arab World Writer and historical fiction novelist. His first novel, Journey of Illusion was published in 2011. The Green Devil is his second historical novel. He writes, lectures and travels extensively.


  • Starve or Kneel


    Once again, it was a time of war. Ali al-Halabi, a rebel leader, had been captured by the regime and was now being tortured into joining it and killing his fellow rebels by the notorious Major Hider Nizar. Would Ali succumb to the will of the regime?

  • Monsters Of Sham State


    Hafiz al-Assad, one of the most controversial dictators in the Middle East, ruled Syria for thirty years and played a central role in the events and conflicts in the region. 

  • The Green Devil


    Following a military coup, Muammer Gaddafi became a dictatorial leader in Libya imposing his strict ideologies on its people. He sanctioned the torture and killing of Libyan people and horrific terrorist attacks throughout the world leading to UN sanctions.

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