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Jai Williams

Born in Frankston, Australia, on January 10, 1996, Jai Williams was nineteen and a half years old before he truly decided what he wanted to become, a writer. After inspiration from one of his favourite book series he came up with his own idea for a series.


Jai was always moving houses and schools. It was him, his mother, and older sister, until his mother found a man right for her.


Jai graduated high school in 2014. He never planned to attend university; he just wanted to get into writing as soon as he decided that was what he wanted.



  • Lawless


    LAW IS WHAT KEPT THE WORLD SANE BUT NOW THAT IT'S GONE IT BRINGS OUT THE INSANE.   Ronnie Reed was born into a world without law and a government. His parents had been killed when he was young and Ronnie was on the run for his life in a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

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