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J. L. Thomas

J. L. Thomas hopes that her tales of love, romance and passion will capture the reader's imagination and transport them into the beating-heart of the story. She hopes you all enjoy her reads.

The Gentle Dominant reviewed by The Lifestyle Blogger UK


  • A Cosmic Dance - The Gentle Dominant


    Theirs was a love that held no bounds. Darius Carter, the handsome film star, and his beautiful bride, Helena, were deeply and madly in love and Helena gladly becomes the submissive to his dominant.

  • Quantum Entanglement


    Helena just cannot believe the way her life seems to be just perfect. She is beautiful, with a figure to match, and passionately in love with Darius Carter, a young, handsome, perfectly toned film star and he returns that love just as passionately.

  • Poetic Rapture


    Poetic Rapture divulges to us a secret dominant on a quest to find the perfect submissive. It is at the première of his movie where Darius sees such a woman, and within the moments that follow something powerfully magnetic shifts within the air between them.

  • The Gentle Dominant


    J L Thomas shares with us a compilation of three romantic and erotic short stories. She hopes that these introductions to her writing will set your pulse racing and stir your mind into a whirlwind of hedonistic emotions.

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