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Gina Lawrence

I'm originally from Yorkshire but have moved to chase my dreams. I have worked within the security industry for a few years now and hopefully many more. I began writing songs and poetry while young, and my trilogy, The Shadow Walker, I started when I was twenty. I'm hugely influence by myths and legends, so much so that I know Latin and can read Hieroglyphs. I'm a keen cyclist and challenge myself each year with a charity event. I'm also an artist, currently working on my own graphic novel. All of which I cannot do without music in my life.


  • Aphrodite's Blessing


    Events take a sinister turn and lives are at risk. What choice will she even be able to make when so much is against her?

  • The Shadow Walker Trilogy: The Past Bites


    Orin is an escaped slave. Selene is the daughter of Ahre, a Supreme from whom Orin has escaped. They are in love and want nothing more than to be free of Ahre and live the life they choose, for although Selene is Ahre's daughter she too has suffered imprisonment and isolation.

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