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Gabi Bellairs-Lombard

Gabriella Bellairs-Lombard (Gabi) has been writing a collection of short stories and letters since she was young, about events she imagined or experienced. At the age of twelve, she left Johannesburg with her family for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and lived there for four years, attending the British International School in Riyadh. At the age of sixteen, she completed her schooling at Malvern College in the United Kingdom and returned home to South Africa to study a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University. Upon graduating she entered the working world, specialising in various forms of marketing, but predominantly in copywriting.

Gabi has been a passionate writer for as long as she can remember, transferring her love for words to her career as she started her own freelance business and working remotely for companies overseas. She conducts all her work from her home office in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. She is often distracted by her family members, dogs and a sixteen-year-old Maine Coon cat, and is a huge advocate for mental health, animal rights and gender equality.



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