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Frank Wingate

Frank Wingate lived in Hong Kong from 1978 to 2000. He witnessed the vast economic and social changes that engulfed China and metamorphosed the territory, and experienced the final handover to Chinese sovereignty. Arriving as a teacher, he became a freelance journalist, before founding his own communications business. After returning to the UK he continued in the commercial sector, while finding time to write books. He now lives in Kingston upon Thames, UK, and teaches economics part-time. Retaining a strong affection for Hong Kong, he hopes it can emerge safely from the profound challenges it faces.



  • In the Harsh Light of the Morning


    Increasingly confrontational political protest is building up to a deadly climax in the humid night of the city, while Jack Wilson is drowning his sorrows in drink. His idealistic brother, meanwhile, gets caught up in the passion of the movement.

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