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Elena Moya

Originally from Tarragona, Spain, Elena Moya has written three fiction novels (The Olive Groves of Belchite, The Spanish Maestra and La Candidata), which have been published in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese. In Italy, The Spanish Maestra was short-listed for the Puglia school system literary award.
Elena holds a BA in Journalism from the Universidad de Navarra, Spain, an MA in Arts from the University of Nevada (Reno, NV, US), financed by a Fulbright scholarship and a Diploma in Creative Writing by Birkbeck College, University of London. Elena currently works as an investment writer, following a fifteen-year career in financial journalism, working for Bloomberg, Reuters and The Guardian newspaper. She has also been Chairwoman of Catalans UK. An ardent traveller and footballer, she lives in London.


  • The Spanish Maestra


    Vallivana Querol, octogenarian extraordinaire, former teacher and freedom fighter, from the small medieval Spanish town of Morella hasn't exactly slowed down her pace in the autumn of her life.

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