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Deanna R. Sweeney

Deanna lives in a small southern Alberta community with her two children. She has enjoyed writing since she was a little girl and enjoys seeing her ideas take shape on paper. She also loves the outdoors and nature and can often be found hiking, camping, fishing, and star gazing. She spent six years in the Canadian Armed Forces, nine years as an Occupational Health and Safety professional, and now owns and operates a restaurant in her small town as well as writing every chance she gets.


  • Legions of Lilith: Ghosts of the Past


    Legions of Lilith: Ghosts of the Past takes the reader on a centuries old battle between the forces of good and evil. Throughout her life, including her previous lives, Veronica has lived a lonely existence, being outcast from her community for the special gifts she possesses. After centuries of pain from watching the few people she loved being killed before her very eyes, Veronica is determined to end this long-standing battle between her ...

  • Legions of Lilith: The Awakening


    Veronica works as assistant manager at a spa resort in the little town she has lived in all her life. Recurrent, unexplained and otherworldly visions cause her to lead a lonely existence as experience has taught her that people tend to be suspicious of people they perceive as being different.

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