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Dawn Ajarie-Vizor

Dawn Ajarie-Vizor is a former beauty therapist who lives in the picturesque county of Buckinghamshire. At an early age she had a passion for writing stories, poems and art. At primary school her class teacher encouraged and inspired Dawn in both creative writing and art. It was years later in 2011 that this passion was ignited again and she created some memorable characters and based them in fictional stories for her son.

Then during the school summer holidays in August 2019 an eventful beginning to a family holiday in Sussex, England, occurred that soon turned out to be a lot of fun with some hilarious moments and inspired the story for the Seagull Saga featuring Hurtle and Hewis as the two main characters. After the holiday and whenever time permitted Dawn started creating this new story, recalling some of the funny events that took place and the people they met and at the same time capturing the scenery, atmosphere and the essence of their time away.

Dawn was due to start working in the beauty industry again but unexpectedly circumstances changed so she continued focusing on writing and then later a chance meeting and conversation with a retired owner of a bookstore, further encouraged Dawn to send a copy of her work to a publishing company.


  • Hurtle and Hewis


    A lucky win in a local raffle gives ever-anxious Hurtle Hedgerow the chance to enjoy a much-needed seaside holiday at Ramble Sands Holiday Park. But with her lazy and unwashed brother Hewis in tow, that won't come easy.

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