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Christopher Weedon

Christopher Weedon has spent forty seven years writing condition reports on such properties as Georgian rectories, 17th century farmhouses and period cottages - for excited dewy-eyed clients intending to buy them! Now, having hit seventy, Christopher looks back to his childhood and finally realises the adventures of his beloved guinea pig Humphrey are far more interesting, and far more fun to write about. His wife Sandy has devoted many, many hours to creating the illustrations for this Humphrey adventure - bringing it to life, and together with Pete and Charlotte Herb, has given it legs and made it squeak.



  • Humphrey's night out


    Humphrey's a handsome rough haired ginger guinea pig - with attitude. He's fearless, adventurous, accident prone, podgy due to an unquenchable appetite for carrots, broccoli and lettuce, and has an inquisitive nature that leads him into all sorts of trouble.

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