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Chris Rushbrooke

I've always held an ambition to write a book, and having two kids has given me lots of inspiration to make it happen. Their attempts to get up the stairs dressed in outrageous outfits, carrying the most ridiculous stuff is what led me to write this book and their exploits give me new ideas every day! Who knows, maybe I'll even get to bring another to life.
I hope this book brings a smile and its message is heard loud & clear by you and your little one's. No matter who you are, or what gets in your way, keep on climbing, you'll realise your dreams if you do.


  • You Can't Climb the Stairs in a Princess Dress


    Have you ever tried to climb the stairs in a princess dress? I have, and I can tell you, that it's really quite a stress. But is it an impossible thing for us to do? This lot don't think so, how about you? Will they succeed, can they endure? There's only one way to know for sure...

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