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Brian D. Morrison

About the Author

Brian D. Morrison is, at this point, regretting not using a pen name as he is really not that keen on his forename at all... particularly when auto-corrected to ‘Brain' in emails on a regular basis. Although he does acknowledge that he could certainly be called worse and unfortunately, sometimes is!

Brian, or ‘Brain' if you prefer, was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland and after a period of travel (mainly within Canada), he settled in Inverness with ‘the mrs' (Rona), ‘the kids' (Myla and Aiden) and ‘the zoo' (an array of pets including cats, guinea pigs, tropical fish and very recently many deceased shrews taken back as ‘presents' by his little darling moggie, Kodi).

Living in close proximity to Loch Ness has meant that Brian and his family have become great friends with Nessie, who for the record, granted permission to use both her name and image within this book.

Brian dabbled with many potential career choices including cocktail bartender, singer/songwriter, tattoo designer, deckhand and oil & gas technician before settling on construction health and safety advisor/writer and illustrator. (Two very different but equally rewarding professions!)

To connect with Brain and hear about future releases, go to:
Instagram - brian_d_morrison2305
Twitter - @BrianMo27506663


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