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Angela Wood

My family and I live on the outskirts of the New Forest and I studied at art college in the seventies. This is my first novel although I have always been an artist and I enjoy using mediums such as oil paints, watercolour, ink and charcoal. The illustrations in this book are my own using watercolour and ink.

Throughout my life I have ridden and trained equines. I am deeply interested in animal physiology. I have a number of cats, dogs, horses, ponies and donkeys. Many have been rescue animals and all have their own unique set of behavioural problems.

My love of animals lead to my current business of dog boarding, which I have been doing for the last six years. Previously I have had administrative roles in marketing and sales and have worked with my husband in his business.



  • The Tale of Captain Jack the Spanish Donkey


    Captain Jack the Spanish donkey tells his story. Join Captain Jack and his BFF Major the cob on his adventures and learn how he ends up living on the edge of the New Forest. The beautiful colour illustrations help bring the story to life.

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