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Andrew Neil Blewitt

Andrew Neil Blewitt 1930 - 2009 With his ready wit and puckish delight in human foibles, Neil enjoyed turning his thoughts into humorous verse. Early retirement gave him the chance to indulge his long-held wish to write. He constantly honed his skills and polished words and nuances. He said, ‘ A poem is never finished; it is always a matter for negotiation.’He read widely and with great enjoyment. He admired the verbal dexterity of Nash and Gilbert and the punning of Hood. He felt in tune with the humanity of Cowper and Hood, while his battered copy of Longfellow’s works was a constant companion.


  • Dragonflies Have A Problem


    Dragonflies Have A Problem is a further collection of humorous, well-crafted poems from Andrew Neil Blewitt. His inspiration comes from all aspects of humanity, nature and the classics.

  • A Millipede with Gout


    What do a tipsy aunt, a buxom nurse, an impious choirboy, a none-to-clever clairvoyant, a cheeky tearaway, a pompous city gent, a crabby war veteran and a blasé lieutenant have in common?

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