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Amin Mirza

Amin Mirza is a Canadian and resident of Quebec. Born in a small Punjabi village in the northwest of pre-independence India, he grew up in Pakistan. With a master's degree in Chemistry, he came to Britain as an immigrant and taught at Acton Technical College, London. Later, he was a postgraduate research student in Biochemistry at Kings College and was awarded a doctorate degree by the University of London.

Since finishing higher education, Dr Mirza has worked as a research scientist in the USA, Canada and Germany, where he has published extensively in the field of virology and molecular biology. A member of the American Society of Microbiology, fluent in English, German and some French, he now lives in retirement, writing fiction in English.

Phagosome is his debut literary work.


  • Rosalia


    Ill-fated Rosalia is born on the very first day the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933. This story charts that path of the impoverished Hungarian Gypsy girl from birth to her lonely death, as turbulent events beyond her control take over her life and the world around her.

  • Shangri-La Lost


    Satputra existed for many years without a name. It was a small and beautiful place where Sirdar Dilbir Singh Bedi made his home with his wife among the mud and straw houses. Bequeathed the area by his landowner father-in-law, Dilbir begins to transform it into something more.

  • Phagosome


    The narrative presents a unique mosaic of characters of different cultural backgrounds and the events that shape their destinies in an impoverished quarter of a small town in contemporary Quebec.A story of sensuality and savagery, love and hate, malice and misery, good and evil unfolds against the background of La belle province sovereignty movement.

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