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Allan Partington

The author has lived for the past 44 years in north Wales. He is retired from careers as a quantity surveyor, lecturer and manager in further education, self-employed consultant.He has always written extensively on technical and professional matters. But since retirement he has produced fictional short stories for himself, friends and family and several full length novels featuring north Wales at various periods. “We’re Here Because We’re Here” is the first to be published and combines his long-held passion for local history and the First World War.Allan Partington is married, with two sons and four young grandchildren.


  • Them and Us


    Them and Us shows the constant friction of nineteenth century working class and management with an added sprinkling of the aristocracy.

  • Bitter Slate


    This is a story of love, contrasts and conflicts. Set in the 1890s, it is paradoxically played out in the rural gentleness of the Isle of Anglesey, the Parry family home, and the stark beauty of the mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales, where the powerful Sadler family lives.

  • Back To Blighty


    Sergeant William Parry, at nineteen already an “old soldier”, reluctantly marches off with his new regiment, his world shattered by the sudden separation from his first love, Amelie, and his close comrades.

  • We're Here Because We're Here


    The promise of adventure and the wave of patriotic fervour lures the gentle, intelligent and God-fearing young slate quarryman, William Parry, to enlist under age into his local regiment in 1914. His whim creates for him and his family demands and pressures that he could not have imagined.

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