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Ian Hopkins meets Wikipedia!

Ian Hopkins meets Wikipedia!

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The wonderfully talented Ian Hopkins recently made it to the famous Wikipedia!



Without further ado, here's Ian's own piece:




Ian Donald Cochrane Hopkins (also known as IDC Hopkins or Ian D. C. Hopkins or Ian Hopkins) is a Scottish comedy writer[1][2] and management consultant.


Born in Darvel, Ayrshire on the 16th July 1943, Hopkins attended Kilmarnock Academy before pursuing a career in Industrial Engineering.


Hopkins undertook a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at London University, following which he became a lecturer in Management at the University of the West of Scotland.


Hopkins comedy writing career began as a contracted writer for Naked Radio, Six of the Best, Not the Nine O'Clock News[3][4], Three of a Kind[5], Naked Video[6] and Spitting Image[7][8].


Hopkins has had three stage plays performed. Albatross Soup (co-authored with John Duignan), Citizen Singh (co-authored with Gurmeet Mattu) and Every Bloody Sunday (co-authored with Gurmeet Mattu).


Hopkins has also had three satirical novels published, each co-authored with John Duignan: Skelp the Aged[9][10] in 2016; The Buick Stops Here[11][12] in 2017; and The Lambshank Redemption[13][14] in 2019.


Hopkins also co-authored Shit Yourself Laughing[15] with Frank Muir.





Read it for yourself, here!




Also check out Ian's fellow author and co-writer, John's Wiki page, here! 




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