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Different places to read a book depending on your taste

Different places to read a book depending on your taste

 |  Author Life

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite places to open a good book whatever you're feeling!



Feeling comfort?





In bed

Morning or night, one of the best places to read is in your bed! You are your most relaxed when you hit your head on that pillow. If you can't get to sleep then reading a book will soon make you nod off, plus there's no better comfortable spot than your own crib, right?





The sofa

Pretty much like your bed, probably the second most comfortable spot in your home. You have options to sit or lie down and you even have an armrest to rest your book on!



The Library 

Everyone likes peace and quiet now and again and sometimes getting out of the house is the only way to do that. The libraries calm, quiet atmosphere and smell of old books can make the perfect place to settle down with a good read.





Nature lover?





The beach 

Who doesn't love the beach? The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the smell of sea salt wafting through the air, sounds like the perfect place to read! Just don't forget something to lie on and the parasol so you don't get burnt!





The park 

Need an escape for nature then go to the park! You can sit on a bench, lie on the grass, or why not even read on the swings? if you want to go all out bring a blanket and picnic with you to really make the most of it!





You just don't have the time? 





The Gym

If you're a cardio bunny and need some sort of entertainment to get you through, instead of watching Netflix why don't you grab a book? It's like tv in your head and you won't be clock watching as much your cardio sesh will be over in no time!




Public Transport 

Whether you're on a bus, train, taxi or even a plane. Reading a book to speed up the commute is the best way to do it! Just long as you don't get motion sickness then you're good to read away!



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