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House of Darke

Colin R. Parsons

Read by Jus Sargeant


Zade, Tina, Pip and Meadow are four teenagers enjoying an end-of-summer bike ride – that is until a mist descends, leaving them stranded at a picnic area in the middle of the countryside.

What can they do? The grey fog is dense and they can't see a metre in front of them.

They abandon their bikes and set off to seek help.

Finding shelter by way of the secluded country house owned by the wealthy and charming Lord Epacseon Darke, they had no idea what would happen next.

Welcome to House of Darke – enjoy your stay!

Publication date: 20/01/2016  |   Duration: 4 hours and 58 minutes


Colin R. Parsons is an author of children's and YA fiction, but his books are always enjoyed by a wider audience. He lives in South Wales with his wife Janice and two sons, Kristoffer and Ryan. He has been writing for many years and has a steady stream of readers. He writes in many genres including sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and the supernatural.
Parsons's books are always exciting and filled with fast-paced adventure, peppered with intrigue and danger.

To find out more visit his website:

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