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Relique of the Sunken Day

Teddy James

On August 29th 1949, at seven a.m. local time, the Soviet Union successfully detonated its first atomic device and in so doing, drew itself level with the Americans and supercharged the Cold War. The tests were carried out at Semipalatinsk in what is now Kazakhstan. This is a fictional story based on that true event. As the mushroom clouds continued to block out the Kazakh sun, Yani Chernenko, witness and collaborator in those terrible events, ran. And now, forty years later, he is still hiding, buried in English hills, drowning in English rain and a lifetime of guilt. But as the Berlin Wall falls, those demons, the ones he helped to create, escape and track him down.

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Despite beginning his writing career from a young age and having his first articles and stories published at seventeen, this is Teddy James' debut novel. He lives and works from his home in the Surrey Hills with his wife, Michelle, their three children, his spaniel, Jarvis, and dachshund, Dylan. Teddy finds challenges in big themes and unexpected places, ideas which, for this story, brought Yanislav Chernenko away from a nuclear blast on the vast steppes of Kazakhstan and into a rain drenched cottage in the Quantock Hills.