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Slaves of the Third Millennium

Maria Forbes

The idyllic peace in the island village of Hamu is shattered when a murderous raid leaves Zara an orphan and her father's precious manuscripts taken. This makes Zara the Keeper of the Treasure, intent on revenge and the recovery of the ancient manuscripts. And only the Keeper knows the destructive secrets they contain.

Hamu village was founded by Zara's ancestors two hundred years earlier as a refuge from the apocalyptic volcanic eruptions, which unseated a civilization that had grown too dependent on the Machines.

Ever since then, the Machines have been dormant, waiting patiently for the Keeper of the Treasure to use her powers and reveal her location. As Zara begins her quest, she ventures into unknown territory, unaware that a greater evil is hunting her.

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Maria Forbes developed a love for literature at a young age and became a high school teacher who enjoyed inspiring young minds to think for themselves. Twenty years later, she became a natural health practitioner and lectured college students. Her first book, The U Matrix, a self-help book for young people, encourages students to cope with reaching maturity. In this novel, she continues to educate and inspire her readers to develop critical thinking, by immersing them in a fantasy that goes to the edge of reality. Her writing explores many issues connected with technology, education, spirituality and integrity.