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Thinking of Santorini - Poems 1974-2015

Andy Godfrey

Beginning with a sunrise seen from the plane to Australia, to noticing shadows on the way by bus into Hamburg, this collection spans four decades. A remarkable journey - in both space and time.
As an outsider in both Australia and Germany, the author avoids the merely descriptive, giving us a profound understanding of her keen observations and emotions. What is striking is not only the breadth of experience reflected in the poems, but their subtleties of tone; these range from entertaining glimpses of pre-Christmas Sydneysiders, through a slyly ironic note - as in 'Fairy Stories' - to the lyrical beauty found in 'Kreta' and 'Thinking of Santorini', or the quietly conversational 'Chiaroscuro'.


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Andy Godfrey was born in 1942 in Gorran Haven, Cornwall. As a child, she travelled widely, living in Sweden and South Africa. After a basic course, she specialised in Graphics and Theatre Design - both at the Central School of Art. In 1975, she emigrated to Australia, teaching, and completing two degrees at Sydney University.
The author then worked on a current affairs programme, interviewing and producing for a radio station.
Returning to Europe in 1990, she lives and works in Hamburg, being currently engaged in language studies and painting. She has two daughters and six grandchildren; also a brother, who lives in Cornwall.