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Four Becomes the One

Michael Dowle

October 1954
Peter Johnson is born in Manchester, after a difficult birth, to his mother Brenda; the fourth son to her and husband, Jim. Unknowingly, his father wished for a daughter.
One year later, Jim tells Brenda how he feels, unable to bond closely with their youngest son. So, for the next seven years, she banishes him from their marital bed; until Peter has his eighth birthday.
Things change when Brenda becomes pregnant.
But tragedy strikes!
By 1968, Peter's oldest brother marries; his twin brother also leaves home, taking up their careers as footballers.
At just fourteen, his father attacks him in a drunken rage!
Peter is terrified, confiding in his best friend, Elly, that he is running away; not telling her where he'll go, though promising to keep in touch.
All alone, he takes a bus to London. What will life be like for him from now on?

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One of seven, always playing sport as a kid. When married, I used to keep diaries. In family cards, I'd write poems, or a little story to the recipient.

My work for many years was in the transport industry, then the Port of Dover. My jobs were administrative, so I wrote many, many reports, completing endless documentation. Luckily, I like writing!

More recently, I delivered the mail, progressing to the role of a postman! Having experienced many challenges, mistakes and changes in recent years, I'm an easy going, laid-back, happy father.

Plus, wonderfully, I'm a grandad...and now, an AUTHOR!